Sourdough Comprehensive Kit


Making traditional sourdough bread is probably unlike any type of baking you've done before. To make things easier we've assembled a kit that gives you a full set of proper tools to comfortably bake your bread.

The Sourdough Comprehensive Kit Includes:

• Video Training – Online Abigail's Oven bread baking class.
• Books: Tartine Bread – A sourdough baking classic.
              The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast
              Beyond Basics with Natural Yeast
• 50 Lb. Bag of Wheat – Non GMO Old strain wheat kernels.
• 50 Lb. Bag of Flour – Non GMO, Unbleached, white flour.
• 2 qt Starter Container & Lid – For Storing and feeding your start.
• Pastry Brush – For oiling parchment.
• Muslin Cloth – To cover your dough.
• Dutch Oven – 10 inch/4qt
• Bench Knife – For slicing and moving sticky dough.
• Proofing Bowl – For containing your dough during proofing.
• Parchment (20 pieces) – Easily transfer bread to and from your dutch oven.
• Bags & Ties – For storing your bread.
• 8" Bread Knife – To score your bread before baking, and slicing after it's cooked!
• Terry Cloth Gloves & Glove Liners – For safely handling a 475 degree dutch oven.
• Arm Guards – Extra protection when handling a dutch oven.