AO Vision

Our goal is to help improve the bread we eat and the way we eat it. We want to help fix the problems caused by commercial yeast and industrial methods of baking and distribution which have become the norm.

Baking bread the old way can heal neighborhoods grown apart, help prepare families for times of need, whether it be loss of employment, natural disaster or other calamity.  When done right, making bread can also cost less and be rejuvenating as it follows regular natural cycles.

We are developing what we call “bread insurance” options for people who want to be prepared and the subsequent possibility of starting along a path that can lead to a community oven resulting in traditions that can provide a relaxed forum for discussion which has been part of society for thousands of years regularly meeting at the community well and market and discussing affairs. That close knit feeling is not so distant that it cannot return.

The next step for Abigail’s Oven is to from the current commercial kitchen, currently in the basement of a family friend, to a bigger and better equipped space to better meet your needs. We will be launching a fundraising Kickstarter campaign in the near future where people can contribute by pre-ordering bread. Join our notification and newsletter email list or follow us on Facebook. Thank you for your interest and participation.